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Beauty Bakerie and Gabby Douglas Make a Sweet Collaboration


If you’ve been following my blog then you know I’m all about non-toxic cruelty free beauty. Vegan beauty brand Beauty Bakerie has just teamed up with a MEGA star! Three time gold medal Olympian Gabby Douglas is the new face of this growing beauty brand.

Beauty Bakerie is known for their bakery themed items including their smudge proof liquid lipsticks called Lip Whip. Check out the hashtag #WhatSmudge on Instagram to see how folks are raving about this lipstick.

Cashmere Nicole, CEO of Beauty Bakerie excitedly said “Signing Gabby on as a creative partner aligns on a deeper level to Beauty Bakerie’s roots. In Gabby I see both beauty and confidence; drive and determination. She’s got it. It makes her such a force to be reckoned with.” This is the brands biggest collaboration to date with Gabby Douglas’ 1.9  million Instagram followers  and her 3 Olympic gold medals!

In a press release Gabby said, “I am so excited about this partnership with Beauty Bakerie! Being Better not Bitter is very similar to my personal motto, ‘Hard days are the best because that’s when champions are made. ‘It’s easy to allow negativity or hard circumstances to keep you from chasing your dreams. However, it is very important that you always stay positive and surround yourself with others who share the same mindset. I have actually always wanted to have a lipstick line, so this partnership fits together in many ways! I’m honored to be able to partner with a brand that has an amazing product.”


First up in this collaboration is Gabby’s five piece Lip Whip Set which will launch on March 14th priced at only $80. A single Lip Whip sells for $20.


To read more behind the scene details about this partnership check out Gabby’s Q&A on! 

Camille Rose Naturals Not so Natural?

In case you haven’t heard Camille Rose Naturals recently had a class action lawsuit filed against them. The premise of this suit  filed in November 2016, claims that the natural hair care brand has deceptively marketed their products as natural.  I have been a fan of this brand for a few years and in fact have used their products and talked about them on the blog.


The products of concern were Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse, Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard, Algae Renew Deep Conditioner Mask, and Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment.  The complainant states that Camille Rose Naturals rinses, conditioners, and hair treatments contain several synthetic ingredients. Of the ingredients in question is stearic acid which is classified as synthetic by federal regulations. According to the (EWG) Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database the overall hazard of this ingredient is low but derived of animal origin. Stearic acid is often used in cosmetics as a cleaning agent or mild surfactant. The other ingredients named in the lawsuit are sorbic acid, a synthetic preservative, tocopherol acetate, a synthetic substance used in pesticide formulations. It is important to mention that all of these ingredients were ranked low concern of toxicity by EWG.


I tried doing a specific search for the Camille Rose Naturals brand in the EWG Skin Deep database but nothing has been added yet. I recently discussed how the cosmetics industry should provide non-toxic products for women of color. Even though the natural hair care industry has grown tremendously this does not mean that all of the products that are labeled “natural” actually are in fact non-toxic and or organic. I discussed this on the blog as well.  As consumers you have to be diligent and do your own research. You cannot rely on the FDA or brands to educate you, as the beauty product industry is still unregulated. This means that anyone can use the word natural to market a product. This lawsuit is an example of how something can be labeled as natural and not actually contain all “natural” ingredients. Secondly the term “natural” has never actually been defined. Maybe this will urge the FDA to start actually regulating the use of these terms.

The sad thing about these lawsuits is that they are potentially damaging to small and growing businesses like Camille Rose Naturals. This is not the only beauty brand that uses the term natural in their labeling and marketing. For this lawsuit to gain merit than the majority of the natural hair care industry should be in serious trouble as well. Many natural hair care brands use the term “natural” to refer to women wearing their hair in it’s natural state not referring to the ingredients in the products itself.

Granted these ingredients mentioned in the lawsuit are not 100% plant-based but the potential of causing serious harm or concern to a persons health is low. This is why I continue to use these products and discuss them on my platform. Although none of the Camille Rose products mentioned in the lawsuit are what I personally use. If you have concerns with these ingredients I suggest you do conduct your own research and make the best decision for your health concerns.


Weigh in on your thoughts. Do you feel this lawsuit has any merit? Have you used Camille Rose Naturals products before? If so is this a concern for you?

Best Natural Foundation for Women of Color

Finding the perfect shade match can be a challenge especially if you are a woman with a darker skin tone. The beauty industry as a whole doesn’t always oblige to darker hues. Most cosmetic companies barely have any shades to match darker complexions. After going green with my beauty routine I notice that it was even harder to find a natural cosmetic brand that actually carried a foundation shade that suited me. I recently received a request on Instagram for a list of cosmetic brands that are women of color friendly. So here’s a list of green beauty brands that are the best for women of color:


Plain Jane Beauty: Not to sound bias but this brand is hands down one of my favorites when it comes to foundations. Lake Louise founded this company on the premise of creating a natural cosmetics brands that can match any complexion from olive to deep mahogany.


Alima Pure: Specialize in all natural mineral makeup. The color range is like no other. Their website has a great color matching tool and sample kit that includes 10 samples of their satin matte foundation. Their foundations are vegan and gluten free.


Modern Minerals: Strives to formulate makeup with the most natural ingredients possible. The founder Diane wanted to create a line of cosmetics that inspire conscious beauty, positivity, and presence. All of their makeup is vegan and cruelty free. You can also purchase small travel size foundations for only $2.


BLAC Minerals: Cosmetics brand that produces all natural makeup for women of color. Founded by a black woman, Merced Saint Boyce wanted to create natural makeup that is powered by healthy-skin loving ingredients. Their shade options are amazingly in depth, from light to deep dark. You can also purchase sample sizes.


Law of Nature Cosmetics: Organic makeup that is all natural and gluten free formulated for women of color. They carry creme foundation and mineral powder. 91% organic with no parabens, talc, mineral oil, or animal by products.


Gabriel Cosmetics: Offers organic skincare and vegan & gluten free cosmetics. Created to bring out a woman’s natural existing beauty. The moisturizing liquid foundation shade offers a small variety of various deep skin tones. Their Zuzu Luxe oil-free foundation comes in shades that go from a honey complexion to deep dark.